FALL Drum Class

Have you ever wanted to take an African drum class, but felt just a little bit intimidated? Well now is your chance to learn about the vibrant polyrhythms of Guinea, West Africa in a non-threatening atmosphere that is fun, encouraging, and inspirational for beginning and experienced drummers alike!

Alseny Yansane is an authentic, source artist from Guinea whose drum classes teach all the basics for learning the West African poly-rhythmic orchestra including djembe accompaniment parts, musical signals and arrangements, solo phrases, and bass drum and bell parts. Andrea Yansane will be assisting in the class to help Alseny demonstrate how the different drum parts line up to best model how they fit together musically.

All-Levels 5 Week African Drum Course

Tuesdays 5:45-7:15 pm
October 24-November 28
(no class on Halloween)

‍$75 for 7.5 hour pre-paid course
$60 students w/ valid ID for 7.5 hour pre-paid course


  • Improved hand position, posture and sound quality
  • Enhanced speed, endurance, manual dexterity
  • Increased ability to focus on specific drum parts
  • Capacity to hold steady while drumming in a poly-rhythmic group setting
  • Deeper understanding of the wealth and diversity of West African cultural arts
  • Relaxation, enjoyment & self-expression

To register contact or call/text 541.731.1278

African Drum Course


West African Cultural Arts Institute's performance outreach group is an authentic performance troupe which presents the traditional cultural arts of Guinea through dynamic presentations!

Each performer has diverse professional training and performance backgrounds in drumming, dance, and song which greatly adds to their explosive, culturally rich performances.

Whether it’s the festive dance pieces or high energy percussion numbers, audiences of all ages and backgrounds will find themselves clapping their hands and jumping out of their seats due to the power of this evocative and inspiring art form.

If you are looking for an authentic representation of West Africa drum and dance to liven up your school, festival, party, or performance hall, please contact us.

Alseny teaching a drumming class at West African Cultural Arts Institute

School residencies & Assemblies

Explore the magic of West African cultural arts through music and dance with West African Cultural Arts Institute’s performing artists and dynamic teachers Alseny Yansane and Andrea DiPalma Yansane.

Residencies and assemblies are carefully designed to educate, entertain, and inspire students while integrating academic themes, teaching creative thought processes and team building skills, promoting healthy lifestyles, and exposing participants to cultural diversity.

West African Cultural Arts partners with Lane Arts Council to bring these fantastic Arts Education Programs to schools in Lane County. To schedule School Programs in Lane County contact Lane Arts Council. To schedule School Programs outside of Lane County contact WACAI!

Drumming class at school in Eugene taught by West African Cultural Arts Institute


Enhance your children’s scholastic experience by enlivening the classroom with hands on learning taught by professional teaching artists who integrate classroom themes into their creative arts programs to reinforce academic concepts and excite learners! Residency programs are typically two to four weeks long and expose students to the joyful and passionate cultural arts of Guinea, West Africa through fun and interactive lessons in traditional and contemporary music and dance. Participants learn how to sing in the call and response style, dance energetic movements with group choreography, and play a variety of handmade traditional instruments including drums and shakers.

  • Integrates academic concepts and classroom themes with music and dance
  • Inspires creative approach to learning and problem solving
  • Stimulates learners through fun and interactive games and lessons
  • Introduces musical concepts, increases music and dance vocabulary, awareness and appreciation
  • Enhances team building skills through activities that improve active listening, cooperation, and group awareness
  • Exposes students to diverse culture and tradition, expanding world views and acceptance of differences
  • Improves health through exercises that strengthen, build physical endurance, increase flexibility and confidence


Let your spirit soar as Alseny Yansane, former artist with the world-renowned Ballets Africains, transports you to his native country of Guinea, West Africa through traditional music, dance, and song. Alseny Yansane is one of the most dynamic acts to be found on the cultural arts scene throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond since his arrival in February 2007. He is joined by artistic partner Andrea DiPalma Yansane who really helps bridge the cultural gap by sharing stories and cultural context learned on her seven-year stay in West Africa.

Together they offer exciting performances that dazzle audiences of all ages with powerful dance movements, melodious songs, exhilarating percussion music, and brilliant costumes. These energy infused performances inspire participants to express themselves creatively, push their physical limitations, take artistic risks, and open up to new cultural experiences. With an array of traditional instruments and dances from every geographical region in Guinea represented, spectators are given a unique opportunity to discover the richness and diversity of this art form.

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